Saturday, July 7, 2012


This is my blog! I've been thinking/planning this for over a year now. It's not to the state of perfection that I would like, but it'll do! I'm so excited to be sharing with everyone, but more importantly, I'm happy to be writing for a purpose. My life never seems more balanced than when I'm writing. Sometimes the thoughts in my head get so jumbled and overwhelming, the only action I can take is to write it out and make some sense of it!

Passion is what makes life worth living, and I have quite a few passions of my own. Of course, I will be writing about all of them. They range from complex issues (human rights, the environment, politics) to the simplest of pleasures (things that make me happy, how wonderful life is). Most of all, this blog is about all aspects of LIFE. I want to discuss, criticize, debate, and reflect.

I decided to name this endeavor "A Fine Frenzy" for numerous reasons. First of all (and quite lame, I admit), it's the name of my favorite band. More importantly, it's a quote from a monologue in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." I had to memorize the whole speech for a Shakespeare class that I took, and I think it is beautiful. In it, Theseus is describing poets and their ability to ornately describe their surroundings. Thesesus is almost disgusted by how poets get lost in their imagination, but I love it. I lived in my imagination when I was little, and it has continued to keep me company as I grow older. When he calls poets' imagination "a fine frenzy," I understand it to be describing a beautiful madness, a perfect insanity. I love his phrasing because that's what life is! Life is tedius, crazy, boring, unpredictable, sad, joyful, hideus, and beautiful. It's so full of wonderful oxymorons, and that's what makes it so fulfilling.


  1. So excited to hear your
    Thoughts! A very honorable and brave go girl!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm very excited about it!